14 comments on “Back in the Headlines: Niger

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  5. Thank you for your cogent analysis. You’ve shown how complex the food insecurity situation is in Niger and how difficult it is to tackle the problem especially when there’s so little interest and concern from the rest of the world. I hope at least some lessons were learned from the 2005 famine and that those lessons will help NGO’s and the gov’t respond more wisely to this food crisis.

  6. Wow, this was such a great piece. Thank you for explaining the issue in such honesty. You illustrate a frustration I also have with the fields of international aid and journalism, in that the most ‘glamorous’ stories are generally the most publicized, and many times quick solutions are not considerate of how intensely complex these issues can be.

    Thank you for your perspective. I look forward to reading so much more of your observations. I will be linking to this article on my own site and twitter.


    Thanks so much,

    • Many thanks for your kind feedback and for the link Marie. Much appreciated and have a great day.

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