6 comments on “The Faces of Fishtail

  1. Wow, another place I must visit. Thanks a lot man =) I too would love to visit Alaska, after seeing ’50 First Dates’ I was hooked, and the recent ‘Into the Wild’ made me want to go even more.
    Amazing photos, you captured the beauty of Machapuchare!

    • Yeah, I’d put Annapurna Region right up there in the top 5 must-see parts of the world, just pick the right time of the year (October-November for best guarantees of weather)- it’s stupendously beautiful. Still trying to work the Alaska angle… 🙂

  2. Dear madam and sir!

    Let’s build up together Dhampus’s first kindergarten !

    We are raising 1 EURO’s funds for the kindergarten!

    Join us and take part of establishing a kindergarten in one of the poorest country of the world!

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