One comment on “Why we Shouldn’t be Criticizing Kenya for Westgate Right Now

  1. Westgate, is only a preliminary. It has now been brought front and center, to a myriad of others that would relish an opportunity to mimic the attack. We are only approaching the Holiday shopping season. There is no consideration of security further than what is already in place is it would mean passing onto the consumer, the additional costs of security personnel.
    More needs to be learned from intelligence gathered from interrogations of the eleven captured terrorists from the Kenya Mall attack. America, as well as many other nations will need to address having citizens capable of arming themselves for the basic tenet of civilized society which is self-defense.
    I fear that we are only seeing the beginning of a new terror wave of highly successful attacks. Unfortunately, political correctness, will ultimately result in higher death tolls of resulting attacks elsewhere around the globe.

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