6 comments on “7 Reasons the United Nations is not going to Take Over the United States of America

  1. lol! yes, the u.n. won’t be successful in their plans for world domination. take asia for example: china and nokor, countries which are predominantly speaking their vernacular and have less regard for the english language, don’t give a flying finger on the western-centric international laws. the westerners can only do so much to intervene on china’s land grabbing fiascos and on nokor’s nuclear warheards.

  2. YOou FUCKING liar! The UN has tons of hired mercenaries and they sure will invade…they have countless times on countries! You’re ignorant or paid to put this bullshit here

    • Philip, you’re the reason bloggers like me get out of bed each morning. And you make your point- and mine- perfectly. Thank you.

  3. mmmm, you have no clue at what is going on in this world, I believe you are nothing more than a paid troll after reading this load of rubbish, thanks for wasting 15mins of my life…

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