5 comments on “A Sense of Community

  1. Thanks for this blog post. I am constantly amazed at how you will say (or not say but your travels will speak for you) that you ‘don’t have time to blog’ and then you will create an in-depth thought provoking piece like this one. It’s interesting that WP used this question as a prompt as I have thought a lot over the past years about ‘what enables community’ (and have also thought about blogging about it, but haven’t gotten there yet!). One general comment I would share is that in my experience vibrant, supportive communities take more effort than most people realize – they don’t just happen. What helps them to thrive is indeed the interesting question 🙂

    • Thanks for your kind words Bonnie, and I’m glad you liked the piece. I think the issue of Community is a big one that many people wrestle with on a variety of fronts. In fact, although I didn’t really mention it in this post in order to keep it a bit more streamlined (hah!), one thing that’s interesting to explore is the assumptions of community that people (e.g. development workers) make about communities in the 3rd world, and how people in developing nations perceive and experience community (or its lack…).

      Your comment there is spot-on- vibrant and supportive communities take SO much work- which is probably why so many intentional communities fail. The overarching impression my wife and I got visiting Moora Moora was that a big chunk of what was going on there was simply conflict management- trying to keep the thing from falling apart. And in any community, you get some people who are putting in more work, and some who are putting in less, which then ends up breeding resentment, or simply exhaustion. You see that a lot in churches, for starters.

      In some ways, the really beautiful communities are the ones that evolve naturally and spontaneously, when people are just excited to be a part of said community, and pour their effort into it in a selfless way, with the gain they get from it being the flourishing of that community for its own sake. But then I think communities are like relationships, and go through seasons, and while that honeymoon period might last for a while at the start, sooner or later, things change and, just like a relationship, people have to start putting in the effort, and choosing to commit that that community in order to see it work.

      Now that I type that, the similarities between community and an intimate relationship are quite striking. Food for thought…

      Thanks again Bonnie. Always appreciate your thoughtful input and insight 🙂

  2. Like you, I have experienced many communities, but as life happens and we move away physically, it can be hard to feel that sense. Thanks to family and faith-based gatherings, and maybe work, those are the communities I feel like I belong to right now. Your photos are amazing. Which camera do you use?

    • Thanks Anne. Yes, moving around definitely takes its toll on feeling attached to community. My mobile lifestyle has left me feeling very isolated at times. Although I am part of a big global community, sometimes there may only be 1-2 of those people I actually feel attached to close to me at any particular point in space and time.

      And thanks re: photos. I primarily use a Canon EOS 5D, although some of the pics here were also taken with a Canon EOS 350D (e.g. the one of the grain elevator), and that last shot was taken with a Canon Powershot G6. At the moment I’m Canon all the way (though over the last few years I’ve lost 2 cameras to theft and one to malfunction). My main lenses are the EF 16-35 f/2.8 for landscape/wide-angle, and the EF 85mm f/1.8 for portraiture. I shoot RAW and process using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

      • Am a Canon lover too,these are early days for me still in photography,I use a Canon EOS 600D,kit lens and a Tamaron telephoto lens 70-300mm. I haven’t lost any yet,but from all the tales I have heard,am insuring everything I purchase. You have some mean equipment 🙂 . Am still grappling with processing my photos using regular Photoshop,but I have found that Lightroom is amazing. Am thinking of switching,if I can figure it out.

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