10 comments on “Long Distance Relationships: Keeping the Home Fires Burning (Guest Post)

  1. Thank you for your honesty. My gusband and I spend regular nights apart and normally only in UK. I have found it harder the longer we have been married – 26 years now. My husband also has a job which requires significant giving of himself to others and the disruption of being called out when I was looking forward to a day off together or whatever. Your thoughts are a helpful reminder about positive attitudes and right perspectives.

    • Hi Sally, thanks so much for sharing a little of your story and for your kind feedback… You are a true veteran of the LDR. I am in awe. I would be struggling after 5 years, let alone 26 years of this yo-yo style of existence. A relationship which has to absorb a job in which one partner is on-call would certainly take a beating. When Morealtitude and I got together, he was in disaster and emergency response. Within 3 weeks of the start of our relationship, he was deployed for 3 weeks with 24 hours notice. Then for another 5 weeks, 3 weeks after he returned. It was tough. Shortly after, he changed his role so the travel would be more predictable and therefore more manageable. Ultimately there just has to be some ‘feast’ – some major investing in the relationship to counter-balance the ‘famine’ caused by the separation. I hope you and your husband are able to carve out some sacred space for each other in amidst the never-ending neediness of the world! Hats off to you both!

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