5 comments on “Meanwhile, Over on Stuff Expat Aid Workers Like…

  1. I love goats! Am trying to convince dear H why we need one at home.. wish me luck. Thanks for the great recipes. I particularly love a pasta dish with really simple, fresh sauce & good cheese. So easy, so delicious!

    • UMMM MoreAltitude, please delete these comments! Obviously, my Worpress Reader decided to post all my comments onto your blog, rather than the intended destinations! Apologies for confusion re goats, feminism & gothic genre! DELETE! DELETE!

      • Hah… I coooould… But they’re so incongruous I kind of like them as they are 😀

  2. Excellent! Go for it, write horror!
    Perhaps, if you’re not a blood & gore horror person, your Unnamed Character would appreciate a gothic setting? I really love gothic genre – which can be scary, but isn’t always – (ie Wuthering Heights). Stephen King’s ‘Bag of Bones’ is a good example of contemporary American gothic that is well paced and intense with many gothic elements: haunting sounds, wild weather, supernatural events, impossible romance – but it’s not actually horror (well, I wouldn’t say it is!).
    Good luck! Let us know how you go 🙂

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