17 comments on “Field Visit Bingo

  1. Way too familiar. I would add:
    * local people telling you it was better when they were under colonial rule, bonus point for earnest inquiries as to the future prospects of re-colonisation/invasion.
    * realisation that your health promotion project in a peri-urban area should probably cover road safety as well as hand washing
    * staying in at least one location that though not necessarily luxurious nonetheless beats the hell out of your last holiday destination.
    * finding once again that effective aid work – ie answering emails form HQ and completing project paperwork – ultimately comes done to whether you have the right sodding electrical socket adapter and whether the bloody internet is working.

  2. Scored 32… with bonus points for cattle/marriage. I think they asked with camels though. You forgot a few…particularly, made to feel like Jesus just arrived in person when all the children swarm you just to touch you. 2-offend the local men by offering to shake hands in a Muslim context (female version bingo) 3- offend the local chief by crossing your legs (female version bingo) 4- cover every inch of your body with clothes in a Muslim context despite it’s sweltering hot and the men ont have to (female version bingo) 5- forced to dance uncomfortably before a church congregation all pointing their fingers and giggling bc it’s what guests are expected to do!

  3. * Chickens
    * Group of beneficiaries there solely to provide you with a welcome dance/song (bonus points: children)
    * Eating sample of a food grown by community
    * Woman breastfeeding while in community meeting
    * Making a speech explaining your presence, after which community asks: “why are you here?”
    * Choice between offending community member and drinking possibly tainted water
    * Handcrafted gift bestowed by community (bonus points: it won’t get back through Customs)
    * Behaviour change promoted through community theatre

    • Ach! How could I overlook #s 2 and 6? Absolutely critical! My special moment re: tainted water was a drink mixed with a cereal at 3,000m in the Andes. The cup that was being drunk from was passed down the village elders, who each drank from it, before being given to me. After that the cup was shared among all the assembled villagers- about two hundred in all, children included- then was returned to me for a second obligatory drink. I am amazed I still have a lower intestine.

  4. * bonus points – building/facility entirely painted in the logo colour of your NGO and double bonus if it is the only coloured thing in the landscape
    * presence during your visit of local government official taking photos / writing notes that you’re pretty sure won’t be used for PR later

    Pacific version
    * sea sickness / sun exposure prevents you from being able to move / stay awake to even visit anything or talk to anyone
    * building/facility your NGO supported has to be opened up especially for you because loggers (illegal or legal) are paying the community so much money for their trees they don’t care about social issues anymore

  5. Here’s a couple I should never have forgotten:

    *Beneficiaries forced to wait in the sun for a project activity/distribution to occur just so you can watch.

    An amendment to “Presented with a list of things the community expects you to provide”:

    *Bonus point: By men with guns.

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  9. Asked if you know their (cousin, brother, aunt, uncle, etc) who lives in (LA, New York, or somewhere else a half continent away from your home).

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  11. – Being dubbed with the name of a celebrity who may – in very dim lighting and from very far away – share a vaguely similar physical trait. (Usually dependent on Col 1 Row 3, satellite dishes) I was Ginger Spice. My hair’s not that red. And in a Muslim country, there was no Union flag corset.
    – Getting involved in a 10-minute stare-off with a child who’s trying to sell you a banana you don’t want for a couple of pesos you don’t need. Continues until perspective prevails and even if said kid is charging post-Cyclone Larry banana prices, she’s going home to a dirt floor so it’s swings and roundabouts.
    – Getting compliments on having “child-bearing” hips. Take that Kate Moss.

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