2 comments on “The Last 3 Months

  1. The time lapse of Addis is nice – how did you do it? What interval were the shots at – and how do you compensate for the changing light?

    • Hi Phil & thanks. Interval- I can’t remember. I think it was 10 seconds. Re: changing light- I set it on aperture priority so that as time went on, it stretched out the shutter-speed to compensate. As light fails & shutter speed slows, 2 things happen. 1. The lights (e.g. on moving vehicles) stretch out, which can be a good thing (depends on the effect you want) and 2. the image appears to speed up- because if you were previous taking images at a 10-sec interval & shutter was open for 1/50th sec, you’ve still got a 10-sec interval. If you’ve your shutter is now open for 10 secs, you now have a 20-sec interval between shots, so everything seems to run much quicker. If you watch the movie again, you’ll notice that as it gets dark, the movement of clouds & vehicles suddenly becomes a flurry for a second or two, then slows back down again. That’s because once I realised what was happening with the long shutter-speed, I manually opened up the aperture again to let more light in, reducing the shutter speed correspondingly back closer to what it had been.

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