9 comments on “Photo Essay: Nutrition Program Walk-Through

  1. Ya know, since you asked… I really hate the paint spatter and the faux ripped-paper edge. I think they clash with the aesthetic of your photographs and narrative. While the readablity is good, there are many WP themes that are free, equally readable, and far less distracting. Greyzed is also a WP theme that I see fairly often, and which I think is a bit overbearing whenever I see it.
    I think you should go with something much cleaner to really let your photos shine. For example Coraline is good, easy to use, and has as much functionality as Greyzed without the dated grunge look.

    • Thanks for the feedback Emily- I appreciate it! That’s exactly the sort of honest appraisal I need. I’ll keep my eyes open for what might work best & take another look at Coraline as well.

      And if I get some time, may even try and get my own set up… 🙂

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