2 comments on “Habits of a Change Junkie

  1. AH, change. I know well of this love/hate relationship to which you allude. And the little routines that become so important in the midst of a larger flux. Hope you find some familiar and some new in Niger. Best of both worlds.

  2. I too am a Change Junkie but it is really a recent discovery. Until a couple of months ago, I was unaware of such a label. But once I was told about the symptoms then it was easy to see that I had the bug. As much as I love change and as much as I seek it in my own life, I found out today that most people do not want change. Elementary, for you, maybe;but for me it is a revelation. I thought that I was average and that I represented the majority of people, at least in my own culture. Today I found out that I am different and that people do not like my differences. People probably do not want change in their lives. If I “change ” my way of approaching life I may get a little further down the road. If I decide to preserve rather than to change, maybe I will be accepted by more people that matter. The question then becomes “How”? How do I change my stripes and become a preservationist?

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