4 comments on “Vloggers, Accountability, Donor Education and The Uncultured Project

  1. Hi

    What a fascinating blog. I saw your name on Jan’s update on Eunice and decided to see if I could access your blog. Incredible – what on earth do you do to achieve what you are doing?

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  3. One of the points you don’t address about the “accountability” model proposed is the imperial relationship it necessarily creates between donor and recipient. The donor gets to look in on the recipient at their most vulnerable–will the donors allow the recipients to see live video of their workplaces and homes, on demand? How might donors with that level of direct access to beneficiaries, but usually with no cultural knowledge or grasp of local context do harm? I can think of lots of ways.

  4. Shawn linked this on an old blog of his and I never got around to reading it. From link to link all this time later I found myself back on that post, and being nearly 3am and fighting insomnia, I decided to give it a go.

    I really find this quite educational. I have learned a great deal through following Shawn and his project on proper aid and some do’s and dont’s of the aid scene. I positively blows my mind how some can mean well and do a complete smashup job of aid work. I have to admit, things in his blogs and now yours have made me a much more wary giver. That is not really a bad thing, because before Shawn I wasn’t a giver at all. (Nerdfightia: Making me more broke by the year!). I do have a problem, however, and I was hoping you or Shawn could help me with (I’ll be putting this on his blog as well).

    Now when finding out about an NGO or like organization, it is near impossible to get a run down on what they do and how they do it. If the ad runs on TV, you get a random phone worker who knows nothing about the organization, or worse a machine. Online searches revel very little. How much is spent in overhead? Do they have a specialization? How do they conduct business in foreign regions? (the whole T-shirt mess makes me want to ask this question). I chose to look on it as a point of pride that I have some small knowledge of important questions to ask. However I’m often greeted with dead air time on my cell or uninformative answers on webpages. The few times I do get answers, I feel almost like that they are insulted I’d ask such questions! As who am I and didn’t you see our commercial with children with flies on their faces and don’t you care!?

    Is there someone I should ask for when asking these questions? Is there some department in NGO’s for these questions I should be looking for? Or are NGO’s just not used to these questions and as such starting to fall behind and they have no one to answer them? I really kinda feel bad I’ve pulled out of some charity because they just couldn’t or wouldn’t answer some basic questions. It would be different if they told me they could not tell me that because but instead there is nothing…a big fat 0 which is what they got from me. Not because I”m vindictive, but because I don’t want to cause harm.

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