4 comments on “The Ambush (Part 2 of 3): Flight

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  2. What you shared is really, truly hard. You capture so many details of your experience and what was going on with your fellow travelers even with significant language barriers. I am really grateful for your willingness to do this in honor of those who have not come out alive. And God’s hand is there, too in the face of the evil you encountered.

    How are you today, as you share this with others?

    God be with you.

    • Thanks for your reply (and sorry for taking a bit of time to respond). As you say, there was a true grace in the midst of all the evil that was happening. For that reason, even several years on, I find the process of sharing this, while not ‘easy’, a worthwhile and positive experience. I carry few scars from the experience- partly because of the positive way it worked out and partly because I was able to be not just a passenger in the whole experience, but actually take some action in helping us all move through it.

      Thanks for taking the time to read and share.

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