3 comments on “What the Heckistan?

  1. Yes, 20 million people affected is a huge figure. Incomprehensible. But… everyone pays attention to a rapid onset.

    What? 10 million people inching daily towards horror in the Sahel? WFP cutting distributions to all HH except those with under 2’s, due to lack of funds? Nothing to see. Nothing to report. Move along. Oooh, pictures in Pakistan from a helicopter!

    • Seriously. I’m deploying to Niger in a few weeks to help manage the next stage of the relief op out there.

      I’m sorry, where was that again? Niger- is that the one with all the oil?

  2. This is one of the most cogent explanations of what is going on that I’ve read – so much of the reporting has focused on aftermath alone. I hadn’t even thought to make the connection between Russia’s unseasonably dry summer and Pakistan’s monsoon, so the geographic/climate explanation was very helpful.

    Pakistan really has had a horrible streak of luck with disasters, statistical randomness or not. And I, for one, am really hoping it is randomness and not a new trend.

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