4 comments on “iLove iPad (A User’s Crush)

  1. OK, so I’m jealous as well. But can’t justify it in a place where internet connectivity is surpassed by every other country but Zambia.

    I take issue with the criticism of the iPad not supporting Flash (not yours specifically, I recognise you are outlining a hole not a flaw with the design). In my opinion it is flash which is not capable of supporting a multitouch interface. Much of flash design revolves around mouseovers, which simply do not translate to the touch screen. Imagine a flash interface where the rollover performs differently from a click – how can this be implemented in multitouch.

    So the choice is either to partially support the platform, giving users a broken experience, or not to support it at all and embrace technologies of the future (HTML 5).

    IMHO, flash was great. I used to design for it almost exclusively. But ‘was’ is the operative word. It is antiquated, a resource-hog (particularly poorly coded for the Mac), and has served its time. There is no longer a need for a closed platform with such limitations. Embrace the future and learn HTML 5.

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