6 comments on “Forgive Me, Interwebs, For I Have Sinned

  1. Wow, congratulations! I would call that a valid excuse. 😉 Four months is NOT a lot of time to plan a wedding, though, so you better get started soon.

    • Thanks Magnus! 🙂 Yes indeed, four months isn’t long… luckily we’ve already made good ground, hopefully have a venue locked in by the end of this week, so things are rolling (!) All the more important as it looks like I’ll be o/s for 4 weeks from mid-september too… owch!

  2. I enjoyed your posting re Cynefin and aid – would love to have a conversation re how to get mass narrative capture accepted/funded as an impact analysis and monitoring tool.

    • Thanks David. We’re having similar discussions at our end- if you get any thoughts/insight as to how that agenda can be furthered at the pointy-end of implementation I’d love to hear them. Happy to start a discussion- I’m planning on putting some more posts up around new directions in management of chaotic and complex contexts shortly, so please do stay engaged here or drop me an email sometime (on my front page). Cheers & good to know others are out there thinking the same stuff.

  3. What fantastic news! Definitely worth forgiving. I wish you both great joy and happiness! Very much looking forward to the canons, if and when you ever get a chance to catch your breath. How exciting!

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