One comment on “Things I Want to Write About But Haven’t Had the Time

  1. Sweat it not, you must (read with wrinkled, greenish accent).

    I am currently working on a series of documents about aid and development, and I would love to see your wiki project take off, because duuuuude – there’s so much going on! And we non-aid laypeople know exactly zilch about it.

    Moreover, those of us who live outside the so-called “west” tend to see things in black and white (with a prevalence of black lately), and usually put aid in the same bag as the IMF, Wall Street, Big Pharma, the US government, you name it – if it come from ’em rich white folks, it gotta be eeeeevil! They gonna take our water, or sumthin’, in exchange!

    Third-World weltanschauung, I guess.

    I fancy myself to be moderately well-read, but there are certain topics -aid among them- whose surface I wouldn’t have ever scratched if I didn’t have to, y’know, translate them for money (eeevil Gringo money), so it’s only randomly beautiful that I found your musings through my totally unrelated love of images.

    Therefore, sweat it not. As long as your keyboard and your lenses keep their sharpness, there will always be an audience out here, hacking away ay our lives and patiently waiting for your mind-stirring inputs.

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