3 comments on “Moor Advenchers of Kirk teh Kitteh, Part I

  1. Okay, admittedly you’ve got one hell of a model in Kirk, but still, those pics are… damn!
    I’d kill to have your skill.
    Great, now I’m speaking in rhyme.
    Story of my life – I sign away my soul for one talent and they deliver the wrong package.

    • Thanks so much Gabriel for your enthusiasm and kind words. Your earlier message equally appreciated (flashing man-titties and all… I guess…), and happy to contribute a little bit of energy into the lives of others. Trust me, I understand the pain of being an office-bound cubicle-bitch… I have to put in my pergatory between adventures like everybody else!

      Re: photography & talent: The thing I love about photography is it’s a beautiful mixture of science and art. On the one hand I guess you need a bit of an ‘eye’ to read light, colour and composition, and to see potential in the visual world. But on another level, it’s about knowing the scientific processes of how your camera soaks in that light and what that will then look like on the sensor/film/screen. It’s all very technical- and equally learnable. I’m entirely self-taught, off a single very easy-to-read beginner’s photography book (John Hedgecoe) which I went through in a couple of days back in 2003. That’s it. And I can’t deny that after that, a lot of it comes down to having good gear. I have a top of the range prosumer camera body (well, it was top of the range a few years back; it’s been outstripped now, but is still pretty flawless) and I have a clutch of top-quality professional lenses. While they’re not much good if you don’t have the eye and the know-how, they do give you the potential to really make your images stand out.

      Anyways, thanks for your appreciation and for sharing it with me. Have a great day mate.

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