4 comments on “[More] Snapshots from Nepal

  1. Incredible photos! I love the high resolution photo of the early morning dawnlight on the south face of Annapurna South – the sun catching the updrafts of snow is just amazing…

  2. Found out a lot reading your blog.
    One question, did you do the Annapurna Circuit or the route that goes into the snctuary? We are a group of trekkers goin for the first time to the Annapurna region. What route do u suggest? We have 20days…

    Some great shots there by the way!! 🙂

    • Hi mate. I did the Sanctuary Trek. I’d totally recommend it- they say it’s the most ‘intensely scenic’ route in Nepal because you get magnificent views almost straight away, and throughout. You can do the trek in 12 days in and out (shorter if you hurry) but you can also do a part of the circuit as well as the Sanctuary depending on how you set up your itinerary (a lot of people do the Sanctuary then come out via Poon Hill and then continue on the circuit for a few days as well), and you can spend more time enjoying the Sanctuary too if you want to- the scenery is too beautiful for it to be possible to overstate it. Whatever you do you’ll enjoy it though- it’s such a gorgeous part of the world.

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