24 comments on “Dragon’s Lair

  1. Gorgeous pictures. We were on the Great Ocean Road, and in Great Otway National Park last week, and while we did see plenty of evidence of some brushfire activity, we saw nothing like this (although it was during the day). I’m jealous and saddened, all at the same time.

    • Thanks Justin. Yeah, the Great Ocean Road is a great spot for travelling, I hope you had a good trip. Day or night, you’d have noticed this one- there was a huge column of brown smoke that hung over the area for two or three days during the burn. But no need to be saddened- it was a controlled burn by the Department of Sustainability and the Environment- all part of keeping the bush healthy. Thanks for your comments!

  2. Are there really alot of flies in Australia? If one vacations there are you swatting flies all the time? The pic was great I always carry a camera.

    • Hi Mike and thanks for your comment. There are flies in Australia, but they’re worst up north and in the inland areas. I hear in the outback they’re intolerable. Around here they’re no worse than in Europe- and in fact I’ve had far worse insect experiences in Canada than here. So in southern and coastal areas, the flies are inconsequential. However speaking to people who travel in the outback, in the wrong season they can make life a misery. They don’t wear those little corks on their hats for no reason… 😛

    • Thanks Eric. Actually I wasn’t just ‘out and about’- I’d gone out to do a night-time photoshoot of a nearby lighthouse so I had all my gear with me. I took this shot on my way back home late that night.

    • Hah hah- sorry about that… I’ll try and be more careful with my next metaphorical title… 😛

  3. beautiful photographs.
    i can understand what you mean about the bushfires, as i come from gippsland, victoria, which was hit hard with the fires last year.

    well done on some amazing images.

  4. That is beautiful! And an apt description. I’m currently in college (1st semester web design) and had to do a Flash project on dragons…That would have been a great background for our dragons to fly in… 🙂

    If you’re interested, the following link is to my dragon project. You have to right click on it and click play. But remember, this is my first foray into the world of Flash.


  5. Amazing pictures and interesting blog and comments. I had never witnessed bush fires until I came to Spain to live, controlled or uncontrolled. We are surrounded by mountains and during some quite spectacular storms the lightning has set fire to the mountain brush. Whilst exciting and interesting to watch, and controlled in hours, I am aware they are nothing as dramatic,frightning and devastating as those experienced in the United States, Australia and recently in Greece.

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