6 comments on “80 Seconds of Wineglass Bay

    • Many thanks Joyce for your kind words- and I’m glad you find something that catches your interest here! You’re always welcome. 🙂

  1. Nice effect, much preferred over using filters in photoshop or other tools that generate median filtering or blurring. Nothing like the “real” thing!

    Next time, bring some empty bags to the beach, fill them up with sand and weigh down your tripod with them. Another great tool is gyroscopes like those available from Kenyon Labs http://www.ken-lab.com
    works wonders for longer exposures especially when using multiple cameras (I use up to 24 to shoot multiperspective photos)

    • Hey- thanks for the comment and for the advice. Great tip about the sand-bags, although tbh I have a very flimsy tripod so I think investing in one with a bit more balance and weight might be a worthwhile first step, as I think with the weight of my 5D on the tripod head the wind still would have blown it, even with weighted legs.

      Re: gyroscopes, you clearly know more than I do about them. My understanding was that the Image Stablization system that Canon (and others) use in their lenses is gyroscope-based, but that with long exposures the slap of the shutter opening can trigger a feedback response within the system that actually adds vibration/blur to the lens via the gyroscope, and that it’s best to turn the IS off for long-exposure shots. Do other external gyroscopes not have this problem?

      Cheers Almont. Your blog and your work on 3D photography are both quite mindblowing.

      • You should lock up the mirror before shutter release and use cable release if you aren’t already. Canon IS lens is pretty good, one mode is better than other – can’t remember which, for long exposure. I prefer external gyros as they “bolt” the cameras down quite well for time lapse over days for example. I’m not overly impressed with the ruggedness of Canon lens mounting. there is some slop which shouldn’t be there. To answer your question, a beefy external gyro pair is the bomb and doesn’t move period. You can hand hold 1 second exposures – no kidding. Heavy, but you can do it. The downside is that they make a whine noise – but I’ll tell you, if you ever go on a boat or helicopter to do shots, they are worth their weight in gold.

        3D stuff is mindblowing to me also! Extremely difficult to get quality results but worth it.

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