4 comments on “Structure- Victoria

  1. One of the things that I love about Melbourne is its skyline. No, really.

    Unlike many North-American skylines (or even Australian ones — dare I say “Sydney”?) it is ‘open’: whereas these other skylines present a massed ‘wall’ or ‘dome’ of towers and façades, Melbourne shows a more filigreed, almost lace-like horizontal fringe of building tops, each of which has its own, recognisable silhouette.

    And even better: have you ever looked at Melbourne from the hills near Arthurs Creek or Cottles Bridge? From there, it almost looks a (slightly dirty) flower, a bit like a lotus flower or a floating lily. Breathtaking.

    Let’s just hope it stays that way.

    • Thanks mate. I don’t know the viewpoints at Arthur’s Creek or Cottles Birdge but will clearly have to check them out- thanks for the tip! I don’t end up your side of the West Gate all that often (will be in Anglesea all of next week, but not expecting to get any photography time sadly).

      One of these days it’s a dream of mine to be able to do some photography of the CBD from the top of the West Gate (or even the Bolte)… unfortunately you tend to get arrested if you try that these days. Must look into getting permission or something…

      PS- re: *coughcough* “Sydney”- Come on man, we’re a family-friendly blog here. Let’s not go using bad words.

      • One of the best vantage points in the North is on Shaws Road, near the corner of Hildebrand Road, in Cottles Bridge (coordinates -37.58325, 145.24946 on Google Maps). The road forms a crest that gives you great views towards the city, often beautifully framed by the dense bush. At the moment it is doubly dramatic because the Black Saturday fires stopped only 500 metres north of the road, and you can still see the black-against-green firefront as if drawn with a ruler against the hillside (the winds turned just in time).

  2. Hey thanks for the tip. Checked it out on Google maps- I’ve done some shooting just the other side of the Heidelburg-Kinglake Road near St Andrews, but not checked out the side you mention. That’s awesome. Will give it a go next time I have an afternoon and the weather’s right.

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