2 comments on “Depth-of-Field Showcase: Lift

  1. That top picture was interesting: it kept on playing games with my mind, insisting that the writing was curving down and towards me (instead of down-away) — which makes it look as if it’s a mirror image. I have noticed before that this happens to me quite a lot with B&W macro photos, especially when they mainly contain artificial curves (like the weight and the screw in your picture). Is that something that is peculiar to me or is it common?

    • Hmm… when I stare really hard at the image I do start to see what you mean… but I’ve never actually noticed it before. Better take a reader’s poll. I have a hunch it may be just you… 😀 In all seriousness I think the curves, the blur and the unusual angle do play a few tricks with the mind. It’s not what we’re used to seeing- or how we’re used to seeing it- so the brain does all sorts to compensate.

      Anyone else?

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