12 comments on “One for the Roads

  1. I love these pictures; when it comes to roads, at least, we are kindred spirits. 😉 I am only a little disappointed with the lack of links to Flickr where I would fave half of these immediately.

  2. Dear Tris,

    I love your pictures and especially the low taken shots of the roads fading into the distance. Currently I’m building an website for a development company I’m starting (codeOnTheRoad) and I would love to use one of your pictures. I’m a happy traveler/hitchhiker myself and my aim is to reflect this in the representation of my ‘company’. In case I can use one of your pictures, what would be your price and do you have high resolution versions of them? Of course I can also put a link to your blog on it.

    Thanks in advance.

    Ricky van Werkhoven (The Netherlands)

  3. I found these photos online and would love to have hi-res copies of them for a sermon I am preparing for this Saturday. We are a small church, about 150 and have few resources but these photos would be perfect for a keynote I am creating. I teach how what are typically called spiritual disciplines are better understood as spiritual pathways and your photography is so striking. We try to create a worship service that is image rich. Could you help?


    Pastor Fred Michaux

    • Hi Fred,

      Happy to help out, but unfortunately I don’t have a whole lot of time to be digging out hi-rez images between now and Saturday. I have temporarily enabled larger versions of the photos in question to be accessible on this post so if you click the images it should take you to something that is high enough quality for screen display. I hope this is enough for your purposes. Get in touch with me via hotmail (morealtitude@hotmail.com) if you need more.



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  5. hey, um can you tell me who has taken these photographs. i need the name the photographer as i have used these photos in my art project for my GSCEs

  6. I teach Principles of Perspective Drawing to 6th grade students, and am currently writing a book based on my course, for middle school students.

    I would like to include your road photograph #WA Highway to illustrate the principle of receding lines meeting at a vanishing point at the horizon.

    I would be pleased to credit you for its use, per your specifications.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    James Bowen

    • Hi James, thanks for your comment and you’re very welcome to use the photo as you suggest. Thanks for requesting.

  7. Hi,

    Beautiful photographs! I’m working on a personal project and am looking for an open road type picture to animate a car moving along. Basically I am going to try and move/scale a car along the road as the page scrolls. Would you mind if I use the WA highway pic? Site is not active yet, but will be at http://www.thatcar.com.au when it is complete. Cheers, Mark

  8. Hi, Would you mind if I used one of your photos for the promotion of road transport in
    WA? it will be a free resource with career pathways info

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