3 comments on “Waiting for the Next One

  1. Tris, you know I’ve been an NGO (mission) worker for nearly three decades and a huge number of my friends have been aid workers. What might seem to some to be a negative, almost creepy fascination with human tragedy on an epic scale seems to me to be a natural human defence. The uncontrollable need to assist fellow humans through hardships that wither the soul takes a huge toll on the aid givers. The attitudes that you portray here (and I’m glad that you don’t portray them too negatively) seem humane to me in the sense that it is human to summon up the courage to laugh in the face of tragedy, as crass as that might sound. Standing back and laughing is, of course, not very useful. However, the fireman who, though he hates the fires, can’t wait for the next one so he can put it out – he’s the guy that I want to see at my house when the sparks are flying.

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