4 comments on “The Photographer’s Dilemma

  1. I believe I’m rather more polite than that when I’m asking you for a photo in the field Tris 😉 and it’s only because you’re such a good-looking bloke.

    • You know Dom, it’s far less about the annoyance of being asked (which isn’t annoying at all)- it’s the annoyance that after six years, I still don’t have a decent photo of me in the field! I actually had an opportunity to get a little article published in a magazine a couple of weeks ago, but it was contingent on me producing a photo of me in the field with beneficiaries. I lost out because I couldn’t produce one- how sad is that?!

  2. That looks fun!
    Yes, I know what you mean
    I’m the type too who takes a lot of photographs.
    Few weeks ago my friends and I checked out Montreal for their Jazz Festival (amazing!) and they unanimously decided that “I” would be the designated cameraman, in which I was carrying my camera and a videocamera. It isn’t easy being that designated person, sometimes it takes away your priveledge of being able to just sit and sponge the experience of being in that place because you are focused on taking photos and videos for you and others to enjoy later. It was brutal.
    And when you ask others to take a photo of you, you rely on their skills of taking either a decent, terrible, or amazing photograph (which I did experience). Or of you in action.
    But I was privledged that one of my friends knew what she was doing, she didn’t bring her camera so she offered to carry mine instead while I took videos. After uploading the photos to my laptop, I saw the photos she took of me in action (most of them me unknowing she did) and they were amazing! It gives me a difference perspective on what I look like when I’m the one on the other side of the lense.
    Kudos to your friends for giving you an amazing photo.

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