7 comments on “A Word on Flash Portraiture

  1. Hi Tris,

    These “how-to” posts, where you describe your experiences with a particular technique or equipment are really interesting for a photography beginner like me. I would also love sometime to hear “lessons learned” about using polarizer, since it seems to be the gadget you have mastered. Just delivering an idea of a topic, in case you ever run out of them. 😉 Keep the posts coming!

    • Hey, thanks Pawel, glad to know someone’s reading the posts… 😉 I’d hardly call you a photography beginner mate- you’ve got some great shots in your portfolio! But thanks for the guidance, not sure what advice I can impart on polarizers but let me pull some shots together and give it a think. My first advice on polarizers is- get one! 🙂 Watch this space, and thanks for the encouragement!

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