8 comments on “Catching the Action

  1. hmmm, i remember being able to do that too.

    What happens if you do something along the lines of the following:

    The second image might have an image size with it?

    (I’m assuming you are using flickr to host).

  2. Hmm… whatever it is you tried to do (here and in email) did nothing… I got a grey square on hotmail and a blank line here… bemused and admitedly amused as well… but thanks for your efforts… 🙂

    Actually I don’t use flickr to host and haven’t done at all- I d/l everything direct to WP. There was a major reformat that happened to the site about four months back and I seem to recall it was around that juncture that the image download thingy stopped working.

    Anyways, most pics make it to my flickr page sooner or later so you can view the large sizes there… but that requires a little more patience… :o/ I ought to do what my buddy Jan does and host the whole site off WP to give the flexibility I need. But that sounds like waaaaaaay too much work for a guy who has to try pretty hard just to keep five posts a week coming… 😉

    • Thanks buddy. Can I still do that from my computer hard-drive or does it need to be hosted someplace else on the web?

  3. I notice that when I mouse over an image I don’t see any link at the bottom of my browser for the image and the cursor doesn’t change. Does this mean that you have not set the URL for the image or has something more serious gone wrong. It’s easy to overlook and when you insert an image if the URL has somehow gotten reset to None (as it might when they fiddle with the system), then no links for images will be inserted as this setting seems to be ‘sticky’. Try editing an image that isn’t working and see if there is a URL for the image. I suspect that there is not. Set the image to be linked to the image file URL and it should work. I just checked all this on my old mymadang.wordpress.com site, and I think it’s right. It works the same for a self-hosted site like my new one also. Let me know if I was right. I need a success.

  4. maybe next time i´ll think less like a programmer and describe what i mean rather than throw html and things that interpret it…serves me right! 😉

    good to see it sorted at any rate 🙂

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