5 comments on “While the Sun Goes Down

  1. That’s beautiful!

    Could you please make these available in a large size (as big as possible) for desktop backgrounds?

    Would LOVE to see this every day!

    • Hey JC, thanks for your kind comment. You know, I’d love to make these pics a bit bigger, but for some reason WordPress doesn’t seem to allow that to happen. Once upon a time when I posted photos here, you could click on them and be taken to a larger size. Now that’s no longer an option- I have no idea why not or how to change that. Wish I could!

  2. Hey,

    I’d recommend just putting them in large size on Flickr or some web hosting space, and then when you put them into the post, you can link the picture in the post to the larger file hosted elsewhere.

    With such great photos it seems a shame to not be able to see the full detail!

    Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks mate. If you’ve linked to my flickr site yet you’ll have seen that I do put a larger size (low-rez screen size) linked to my images. Unfortunately, I’ve had to be careful posting large-sized images in the public domain due to copyright theft. My brother has had at least two photos (to his knowledge) used commercially without permission, and given that I move a little stock commercially as well I have to be careful who I let access full size shots. If you contact me on flickr I can add you as a contact and then you’ll be able to download the larger sizes, or click the links to the large-against-black pages as well which give bigger viewings for most of my images.

      Cheers Joss.

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