2 comments on “Murk

  1. This is a great photograph regardless of the type of camera you used .It just shows that fantastic shots like this one are possible and depend on photographers capacity to connect with the scene and successfully transfer it from it’s mind to camera (photograph). If background color was slightly lighter than black the photograph would even more stand out…

    • Thanks Robert, much appreciated. I agree with you- a good photograph starts first in the conception, and only after that gets transfered into the camera (unless you’re very, very lucky… and I can show you a couple of examples… 🙂 ). A good photographer can still take a good photo with a poor camera, while a good camera doesn’t necessarily take good photos. Though I do have to say that a camera can limit you. I got into photography seriously after 2 big trips using a rubbish Minolta APS film camera, and I had so many nicely framed shots with the potential for good lighting ruined by having no control over the settings that my father (very wisely) told me I needed to get rid of the thing and move onto something more serious. So my grandpa gave me his Canon T-70, and it all went from there… 🙂

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