2 comments on “Nomad’s Crossing

  1. Today the “wild” places in true sense are very rare. To know this sort of places is a privilege.

    Even in Brazil, where i live, there is today few truly wild places. Maybe Amazon region, and some restricted places.

    But i think that besides our increasing curiosity about wild places, there is the same movement of increasing our sentiments of “irrealization”, living in the cities. The more we build places that we can not feel “in home”, more we seek for this type of “wild”, “natural” places, where we can find something that we thing is “lost”.

  2. Thanks for your thoughtful comment mate. I fully agree, I think that our love of the wild places is very much related to some sense of lost. Some sociologists suggest that we even ‘need’ an element of risk or danger in our lives, which is why, as our western lifestyles have gotten ‘safer’ and more predictable, so many people have started turning to things like adventure travel and adrenaline sports (guilty as charged). I don’t know if it’s some evolutionary root that our genes are remembering the time when we were roaming the savannah trying not to get eaten by sabre-toothed cats, or some other intrinsic spiritual or psychological need as yet undefined… but it sure has a strong pull sometimes.

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