One comment on “Legacy of an Ambush

  1. As your mother I note the repeated reassurances that your loved ones need not be concerned about you!
    I remember well, at 21 years of age living in Kabul, Afghanistan. I have to admit to being a tad nervous at the gun carrying locals – everyone had a gun but me!
    Early one morning I was blasted awake by the big gun on the hill behind our apartment. Sweating a little and already planning my escape from the city I shook John awake (how on earth could he sleep through cannon fire!).
    Drowsily he listened to my anxious report, “Go back to sleep” he said, it’s the start of Ramadan.
    That is the nearest I ever got to a war because we left kabul just before they overthrew the Govt (and I mean just before – we were not back in the UK before the fighting began).
    It makes me realise how the world has become more dangerous for the aid workers now, although we did have one friend who having spent 12 months in Iran threw himself flat on the ground in a quiet northern village in England when a car backfired!
    Reflexes are a wonderful thing – I urge you to continue being vigilant and safe. 🙂

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