2 comments on “A Nomad’s Footsteps (3 of 3)

  1. Permission to use one of you photos…

    i am a music composer i have created an album of music centered around
    Annapurna… called “Remembering” and abandoned expedition back in the late 70’s…

    All of my photos were lost from this trip…i haven’t found an appropriate one to use… your Nepal 2007 photo would be perfect for the cover. thanks for listening. i can send you mp3s to listen to if you would like? Thank You David Winter

    • Hi David,

      Sorry for the delay in responding. How tragic that you lost your photos. My own camera broke down 45 minutes after arriving at Annapurna Base Camp and I am still haunted by the photos I never got to take, and determined to return as soon as I can to rectify my mistake. Please get in touch with me via email (morealtitude@hotmail.com) and let me know which specific photo you had in mind to use, and tell me a little more about your project, and I’d be happy to talk further with you.

      Kind regards,


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