5 comments on “Monochromatic Musings

    • Hey Shuan. Yes, all these photos are mine. These photos are all taken from a particular trip I took to Siam Reap. In Siam Reap the main thing to do (other than hang out in the town and eat good food) is go and look at the very famous ruins of the Angkor kingdom, which are very interesting (in moderate doses). I enjoy architectural photography sometimes, and I was wanting to practice my black-and-white photography, which is focused more on things like lighting and texture, so it was a learning exercise for me. To be honest, there isn’t a lot else to take in this particular area- the landscape is covered in ruins, and the only people around are other tourists, who don’t usualy make very exciting subjects. But I like taking a whole variety of other subjects, just this particular time I took a lot of shots of ruins.

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