4 comments on “A Little Closer to Home

  1. who says you gotta go anywhere to travel? 🙂
    greetings from a spring time madrid where the cherry trees are in bloom and a nomad leans on lame spanish!

    pictures likely to follow, but more in the style of phone shots than your photographic magic. besides, i suspect that beauty of this place lies under the surface rather on it.

    hasta luego.

    • Hola nomad, que tal? Madrid sounds like a nice change of pace and air. My three trips to Spain have all be sans-camera and I’m determined to do something about that in the future as it’s so full of gorgeous architecture, scenery and people. Admittedly the last cameraless excursion wasn’t exactly my fault, as some thieving pickpocket had relieved me of my apparatus in northern Morocco the morning I was boarding the ferry to the Iberian Peninsula. This Global Nomad was none too chuffed. How long in Spain for?

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