3 comments on “Among Thorns

    • lol- I’m all up for freedom of interpretation. :o)

      Getting shipped to Spain in boxes sounds like an absolute hoot, and I think will surpass my wine and chilli do’s- specially as the bushfires have basically nixed access to the Yarra Valley this weekend. Happy travels! :o)

  1. i’d opt for arrival over departure, but it’s always like that. 🙂
    i’m sure you had a good one!

    my condolences for the fires, can’t think of anything to say that wouldn’t feel totally and utterly flat. i passed by melb and the grampians a few years ago, but at the time sydney had just recovered from it’s bout of bushfires. from what i gather, it was nothing like this though. has fortification from the kiwi’s helped any?

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