3 comments on “Any Given Sunday

  1. it looks fabulous, and possibly the first time i see diving images that are clear but have a personal touch! i got vertigo looking into canyons last time i snorkeled, does that get better or worse when diving?

  2. @ Nomad- sorry, your comment must have come in at a busy time cos I never got around to replying (!!! :oO )…

    Divers do get vertigo, especially in very clear water. I’ve never had that problem- in fact I quite like looking down into the depths- but to be honest, the water was rarely so clear that I could see more than about 20m down (or up). It can be a trifle disorientating (especially when taking photos) but yeah, probably depends on the individual. All up, I find snorkelling a lot more claustrophobic and unnerving than I find diving- diving you have a better sense of the 3-dimensional world, and it’s very freeing…

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