5 comments on “So I Finally Sold Out and Got Myself a Blog

  1. You’re a real entertainer Tris. I stumbled on you (so to speak) via Flickr and have enjoyed your photography. I can now enjoy the stories to match.
    Thanks for keeping me entertained.

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  3. I’ve just finished reading your [won’t call it a blog, I promise] in reverse, and now I am so many hours closer to the deadline I already had trouble with when I started last night.
    You, sir, are a great photographer and an enthralling narrator: consider me a new fan (I’m flashing hairy man-titties right now).
    I doesn’t matter to me if you “waffle” as one of your friends said in the comments – as far as I’m concerned, just ya keep waffling away at your leisure. For a mediocre city dweller with a housebound job like myself, your writing is quite simply OXYGEN.

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